Billy Powdercoat has been busy constructing lots of new creations and restoring old ones. Be sure to check out both the “Billy Powdercoat Gallery” and the “Billy Bugs Gallery” which is full of Billy’s latest projects.

Just recently Billy has powder coated a few large signs for the local parks and even some fire hydrants for some lucky doggies, so be on the lookout for his powder coated creations around the island. Speaking of the “island” Billy has started creating some beautiful light up replicas of the island. All of these recent projects can be seen in the gallery below as well as the gallery pages.

If you have been thinking of getting that bike painted, or your old lawn chair set needs updating, or you just need a fun colourful creature to brighten up your garden please don’t hesitate to call (250-202-9335) to see if Billy can brighten your day with a fresh powder coat!

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